Where to Find Bluebonnets!

March 01, 2014

Wildflower season arrives

            Bluebonnets and other wildflowers will be popping up all over Washington County in the coming weeks -- once the sun stays out, thanks to the rains along the way.

            Each year the bluebonnets, our beloved state flower, usher in the season that brings not only blooming wildflowers, but also scores of wildflower-LOVERS. These visitors translate into significant dollars for our community and region. Visitors come to gaze at the wildflowers as they take leisurely drives, and they also take part in local festivals and recreational activities, as well as enjoy shopping, dining and lodging establishments.
    The extent of this year’s wildflower blooming season, while still unknown, is expected to be wonderful.  That in itself should attract a large number of visitors. In addition to the colorful wildflower season, there are also some great events planned for the coming weeks. Take a look at the Online Calendar and take advantage of all the wonderful activities in your own “back yard.”  Details are posted online, and it’s a good idea to check the Online Calendar frequently for added events and updates/changes.
Spotters Needed
            The staff at the Washington County Visitor Center will be answering thousands of inquiries this month and next from people wanting to see wildflowers. We always appreciate the assistance of local residents who serve as “spotters.”
            If you spot an area where wildflowers are particularly appealing, and one that is suitable for safe (drive-by) viewing, please call the Visitor Center at (979) 836-3696 to let us know.
            We hand out highlighted maps, updated on a daily basis, to guide people to the best blooming spots. We also post regular “Wildflower Watch” updates on www.VisitBrenhamTexas.com, along with information to educate visitors about respecting both the flowers and private property.
            This year, all of these updates and info will also be posted online at www.facebook.com/Brenham.Texas and on Twitter.com/visitbrenham.
Caring for Wildflower Areas
            Wildflowers are just that…wild flowers. They grow at their leisure and wherever they choose to sprout in any given year. They don’t like fertilizer, but do like some rain. And, even more important, they need to be allowed to “go to seed” before their area is mowed.
            So, if you are lucky enough to have areas on your property filled with these gifts of nature, please just ignore them, don’t fuss over them, don’t feed them and don’t mow too soon.
            It can be a bit difficult to allow them to go to seed, especially if you are a neatnik who likes a “manicured” yard, but just take a deep breath and endure so that you’ll have a wonderful display again next year!